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A Glance At Universal Transcoding System, MediaCoder

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MediaCoder Review:

 Bringing cutting edge audio/video Transcoders is a tough job considering a sheer large and varity of formats available on the internet. Any software will require updates very frequently so that it can support the formats, codecs for running those formats. MediaCoder is a universal system that brings everything to one hood underneath a decent user interface.


 It allows converting between almost all types of audio and video formats and hence you can use it as your standby format factory. It allows you to convert any format of videos into digital videos by ripping old VCR. DVD, CD, VCD and VHS cassettes. It requires quality software to render them properly and MediaCoder is a superb solution.
 - It enables parallelization using Intel QuickSync and NVIDIA CUDA technologies that allow GPU operations to speed up H.264 transcoding.

 It also incorporates numerous rich controls, filters to adjust various parameters and control your output videos.


 There are various formats listed under various categories to support various audio and video types floating all around the web.
 - It supports lossy audio compression formats like mp3, Vorbis, aac, opus, MusePack, Speex, amr, wma and many more.
 - It scales lossless audio compression formats like FLAC, WavPack, OptimFrog, Monkey's Audio and others quite properly.
 - There are various compatible video formats like Theora, DivX, RealVideo and many more. The support for container formats like MP4, Matroska, FLV, PNP, OGM and many more.
 - You also have storage format support for Bluray, DVD, CD, CUE Sheet, HTTP, UDP, FTP for streaming audio and video.


 It is laced with numerous advanced features to adjust and control the video output like compression and decompression into various formats discussed above. 
 - You can convert media for various devices, streaming content that compresses video without loss in quality of audio or video. 
 - It allows extracting audio content from videos or from directly video discs and cassettes. 
 - It allows dumping and encoding from directly from streaming content and capturing devices like webcam and microphone. The segmental parallelization and GPU enables encoding helps render processes faster and in real-time.

 Overall, MediaCoder is an outstanding software with lots of things to learn. It is not easy, but is a highly engineered software and once you get accustomed to it, you can do almost anything and everything you wish to do with multimedia content like audio and video. It is your handy super transcoding system.

Changes on the new version:
- Updated with NVENC 7.0
- Updated with Intel Media SDK 2016
MediaCoder screenshotMediaCoder screenshotMediaCoder screenshotMediaCoder screenshot

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